Vegan Cappuccino

This easy soy milk cappuccino is dairy-free, free from sugary syrups, vegan and paleo friendly.

Vegan Cappuccino is a great alternative for people who are looking for a dairy-free alternative to their favorite morning drink. Cappuccino is one of the widely known espresso drinks and many people can not start their day without having a cup. In recent years, most people are going towards a vegan diet and a healthy lifestyle and there seems to have been a big increase in plant-based alternative choices on store shelves.

There are plenty of dairy milk alternatives out there and switching to healthier habits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite morning cappuccino drink.

How to make Vegan Cappuccino

Vegan Cappuccino

If you’re looking to make your morning cappuccino more healthy and dairy-free, use this recipe to make your mornings' vegan cappuccino.
Servings 1
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 homemade coffee
  • 20 cl soy milk


  • In a large cup prepare an espresso without filling it completely.
  • You can create the foam by heating the milk with steam.
  • The liquid milk and its mousse pour onto the express and sprinkle with a pinch of cocoa.
  • Serve.


If you’d like you can sweeten it at will using honey or other plant-based sweeter.
Cost: 1.50
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Coffee, Vegan, Warm

Nutritional information should be considered an estimate only; please always consult with a nutritionist, a registered dietician or your physician for any specific health-related questions. 

It is always better for your health to use clean ingredients if possible organic – with no pesticides, antibiotics and hormones.

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